Resources for each day of the summer school are available here.

Day 0

Content: R Bootcamp

The goal in Day 0 is to provide an “R Bootcamp”, which provides a basic introduction to programming in R. The content of the bootcamp covers the core toolkit section of Danielle Navarro’s R for Psychological Science. Other resources for the day:

Day 1

Content: GitHub, Project Organisation and Workflow, Google App Engine

The morning of Day 1 covers Git, GitHub, and project organisation. The goal is to help you develop a workflow that saves time for yourself and allows others to easily understand and reproduce your work. The afternoon shows you how to host an experiment as a web application using Google App Engine.

Day 2

Content: Online Experiments

Day 2 aims to teach you how to develop and run an online experiment.

Day 3

Content: Introduction to Tidyverse, Data wrangling, Exploratory data analysis and visualization

Day 3 focuses on using the Tidyverse to explore, visualize, and understand your data.

Day 4

Content: Statistics, Probabilistic models

Day 4 focuses on running statistical analyses (both frequentist and Bayesian) in R, and Bayesian cognitive models.

Day 5

Content: Big Data approaches to psychological processes


Some online resources that you may find useful